AI customer service system in the context of big data

With the updated Internet technology, big data technology has been widely used in different occupations. In the big data technology background, application of artificial intelligence customer service system not only can reverse the previous customer marketing model, can effectively reduce the workload of manual customer service, so as to continuously improve the service level of customer service. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to use Big Data technologies in the development of artificial intelligence in order to gradually improve the efficiency of intelligent customer service system.

Integrates multiple technologies based on artificial intelligence customer service system in the context of big data. Starting from specialized, personalized knowledge base construction, proposed the use of knowledge maps, portraits of analysis and other technical users to upgrade intelligent customer service system, increase availability, reduce maintenance personnel pressure, effective solution to the traditional customer service system knowledge base updates slow, system mental retardation, poor sense of service issues. Big Data applications in artificial intelligence technology continues customer service system, has an important role to effectively alleviate the pressure of artificial customer service, to provide users with better services, and promote the development of business intelligence industry. And implemented Big Data technologies and artificial intelligence systems effective customer service integration to ensure application performance big data technology into full play, enhance the operation and management level of enterprises from the general idea and integration examples.

Application of artificial intelligence in the customer service system, the key technology is mainly related to the voice recognition key technologies, natural language processing, knowledge base management of key technologies, key speech synthesis technology, mainly the following:

Key speech recognition technology

For speech recognition is concerned, is to make the robot artificial intelligence to identify, understand the language spoken by the customer, is a form of human-computer interaction technology, in recent years in the field of voice control, search field has been widely used as artificial intelligence-related one of the key technologies in high-quality customer service system applications.

2 key natural language processing technology

From natural language processing key technical level, it is through natural language, computer communicate with each other technical measures so that the computer can perform efficient communication and natural language used by the customer. The key technologies are mainly related to natural language understanding section, generate part.

3 key technologies of Knowledge Management

Knowledge is a very important part of customer service system, regardless of traditional customer service system or artificial intelligence system, the management of the process was the need to find from within the knowledge base of knowledge or to a very standard answer, then feeds it back to the customer. Currently there are many types of knowledge in the market, the most common is the frame type, the type of rule, several types of logic.

4 key speech synthesis technology

Such techniques during a particular application, also known as a text to speech conversion, from a substantive level, is related to the content of the text data transformed into voice data content, and its playback processing, which involves learning aspects of sound, voice science aspects, psychological aspects of digital signal processing technology frontier, will use multimedia technology synthesis, with the support of various types of high-tech can guarantee the performance of the work.

By Big Data technologies and artificial intelligence fusion system of effective customer service, it can be seen, intelligent automated customer service system is based on the knowledge base of Big Data technologies, standardization of the response can not only improve the quality of service throughout the system, but also to effectively meet customers’ need. But off-line business service entity function of the system also can automatically identify the customer’s voice demand, automatic query large data repositories, promote staff to provide more comprehensive Q & A information to customers, not only to improve the skills of workers to achieve the effective storage of theoretical knowledge , but also to meet customer demand response. By using big data technologies, customer identification information can be efficiently converted to data and information stored on the data platform, thus greatly improving the efficiency and level of development of enterprise data acquisition conversion.

WeChat can open the Taobao link and pay, jealousy responding to employee accepting bribes and sentenced, Tit CEO announces the removal, QQ mobile version inside the super QQ show, this is the other ne

Today is November 30

Lunar day October 6

In the evening, the hot pot’s girlfriend is coming to find it.

As a result, just meet

Excited hot pot will lose his family

Take it away

No wonder, although the gossip

But the hot pot is not even an object now.

Here is the other news today.

# The interconnection will further open the Taobao page directly and pay the payment with Alipay.

(Sina Technology) At present, mobile phone WeChat has been able to open Taobao Home and product links, users can also share Taobao products links in WeChat. Users will jump to Taobao related pages after clicking on the web, while using Alipay purchase goods on the Taobao page.

It is reported that WeChat is pointed out in the update description of "About" WeChat External Link Content Management Specification ", will be tried to open the externally linking of the e-commerce class under the group chat scene, and will continue to be promoted with major Internet platforms in the future. Interconnection scheme.

: 8 years! Do you know how I lived in 8 years!

# 音 回 受 受 被: 受::: 音:::::::::

(Sina Technology) learned from the referee, the byte beating two employees Wang Madi and Zhang Moue’s illegal acceptance of the property of 570,000 yuan, and push the designated content to the hot list, the court sentenced two people to do the work The crime of accepting bribes, where Wang Madi was sentenced to the penalty for two months, fined 20,000 yuan, Zhang Welcome to be sentenced to one year in prison, probation of 20,000 yuan for a year, fined 20,000 yuan.

The relevant person in charge of the shake said that according to the real-time hotspot, the artificial editor is responsible for intervention against the violation of laws and regulations, violates public order, marketing hype, and over entertaining. After investigation, Wang Madi, Zhang Welcome does not allow for this rule. The shake said that the internal management mechanism will be further improved, and severely crack down on internal corruption, and submit the judicial organs to the judiciary.

: But tell the truth, will you see?

# CEO Jack Doctors announced that the Twitter share price will fall by 2.74% Monday

(Sina Technology) "I Love Twitter". After leaving this essay, Twitter Jack Duo Jack Duo Jack, Jack Duo, officially announced to the CEO position, from the PARAG AGRAWAL to his position, appointment to take effect immediately. Door will continue to serve as members of the Twitter Board until their tenure has expired in the 2022 shareholders’ meeting.

Dors the West to the employee email said: "I believe that a company can survive independently, not being critical to the founder or guidance." This is Jack. During the second time, the CEO. In 2008, he turned from CEO to the Chairman of the Board, but in 2015, he became a temporary CEO in 2015 after Dick Costro.

: Cold knowledge: He is busy Jianbian Tercoin Exchange.

# Q q "土 生"? Tencent QQ mobile version of the "Super QQ Show"

(IT Home) Previously, Tencent desktop version of QQ show folded in the chat window, red diamond has stopped recharge, officially said that "future QQ show will show more real stereo ‘you’". Recently, the QQ mobile version has started limited to test "super QQ show", and the characters are changed from 2D to 3D. The entrance of the super QQ show is located in the upper right corner of the message interface. It replaces the original "shooting" button, and click after clicking.

According to the official announcement, the super QQ show is currently in the limited test phase. After the test is completed, the data will be cleared, and the current content does not represent the final quality.

: Ok, then I use Tim.

Today’s Ezhou, half a civil aviation circle is coming

"Our car network products can realize the car road, let the vehicle full process independently, over the elevator, the gate is not in the words." On November 30th, Hengda Hotel International Convention Center Hall, Huang Zhihua Technology Co., Ltd. Company staff introduced you.

Today, the Capital Airport, Daxing Airport, Baiyun Airport …

The person in charge of these international Herch’s famous airport came to Ezhou.

Not only they, the Secretary for Civil Aviation Administration, deputy director, governor of Hubei Province, the national civil aviation industry, nearly three hundred people came to Ezhou.

They are coming to participate in November 30th to December 1st, in EzhouNational Civil Airport Construction Management Work Conference.

Zhenghu Lake Airport preparatory school flight, this "building double hub, integrated into double cycle" Ezhou University IP has attracted the attention of the country.

Coordinate Ezhou Civil Aviation

This meeting is an important conference that is important in the airport field.Ezhou held a national airport meeting for the first time.

Director of the Civil Aviation Authority Feng Zhenglin attended the meeting and speaking. The main leaders of the Hubei Provincial Government also attended the event.

In the year of the opening of this fourteenth-five, overcome the influence of the epidemic, China Civil Aviation Administration chose to hold a national meeting in Ezhou, very rare.

In addition, the meeting received a wide range of concerns in the industry. After holding two hours, the live broadcast of the civil aviation newspaper public account has been viewed.

At the venue, more than 100 exhibitors show their own high-tech products, involving drivatic equipment, digital construction systems, etc.

During the meeting, the China Civil Aviation Authority was publicized by the "14th Five-Year Plan" civil transport airport construction plan, released and publicized"Guidance for the quality of the civil airport"Waiting for important documents, as well as a series of technical standards guides for airport construction.

These important documents, standards were released in Ezhou, and it is very historical for Ezhou.

In the construction of demonstration, airport "excellent students"

In Ezhou, the meeting has shown that the civil aviation system is affirmed by the highness of the construction of Ezhou Huahu Airport project.

Huahu Airport is the only airport in the first batch of "Top Four Airport" demonstration projects.

The construction stage has become a demonstration, and the "excellent" of Huahu Airport is not general.

This is mainly due to herSmart airport, intelligent constructionExcellent performance in.

Huahu Airport first implemented BIM forward design in the industry, and participated under the leadership of the Civil Aviation Authority and prepared the "Civil Transport Airport Building Information Model Application Unified Standard". More than 60 patents and copyrights were declared, and 2020 China Infrastructure Digital, Transportation and Logistics Innovation Awards.

In the country’s first BIM model, the whole process quality assessment and metering,Casted precision modeling – mode construction – pressing the model quality evaluation – the path paid by the model.

Due to ensuring the consistency of design drawings, architectural models, engineering entities, there is no dismantling in the current construction site, which is more than 300 million yuan, saving more than 200 days.

Liu Bingqi, Project Manager, Beijing Siwei Vision Information Technology Co., Ltd., said that in the industry, there is a saying: "Digital construction control begins with Daxing, applied to Tianfu, mature in flower lake."

On the afternoon, on the flower lake airport apron, dozens of automatic shuttle cars, unmanned patrol car arrangements, they all enable the scenery multi-machine operation, and the whole process independently.

According to the runway construction, the intelligent runway system has the ability to perceive the relevant information of each of the concrete sectors of the runway.

"You can realize in advance, you can know where you can change in the naked eye."

"Even excavators, bulldozers know where there is pipeline, deep as a few meters."

All this shows people the style of "smart airport".

The only absolute C bit in the country

Most of the domestic airports, the most important monomer building is a terminal building. In the flower lake airport,The largest, absolutely "C bit" monomer is SF Transit Center.

This is also highlightedThe nature of Huahu Airport Freight Hub.

It can be predictable in the next few years, it will beThe only professional freight hub in the country.

Lake up at night, the group is down.

The only cargo airport in Asia, the most busy time in the future is 23: 00-4: 00, and the peak period takes an hour to drop 46 aircraft, with an average of one half a minute.

Everyone is still sleeping, online shopping express is still "going full!"

In this publicity, "Tenth Five-Year Plan", "14th Five-Year Plan", specializing in accelerating the construction of the air freight hub facilities, some name "Built into Ezhou professional freight hub airport". Not only should be built, but also use good freight airports.

One night, the country, the world is overnight.

Aiot + security construction activates smart city new kinetic energy

The Outline of the "14th Five-Year Plan" is proposed, and the new generation of information and communication technologies such as Internet, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing should be made to promote the construction of contemporary smart city, promote high quality development, improve urban management and social governance level, and build safety, comfort Modern, wisdom urban environment.

Aiot + Security refers to the practical application of traditional security use of hardware and software products and services based on artificial intelligence technology in the city-level and industry security scenarios to prevent the purpose of responding to various entities and bursts, promoting national three-dimensional social security. Prevention and control system construction, guarantee national security and social stability.

In the security field, Shanghai is issued in 2020, "Some Opinions on Further Accelement Smart City", pointing out that realization of geography, research and verifying multi-dimensional, command flat, disposal efficient, building all-weather safety situation. Promote information new technologies in the field of large people’s flow monitoring and early warning, urban security and other fields.

At present, Aiot + Security is facing more broad emerging markets and business extensions under smart urban growth. In realization of security construction, it is aware of the data cognitive awareness of a comprehensive intelligent security construction of the security construction. With decision support capabilities, it will be integrated into data integration, operation monitoring, analysis decision making, and combination of combination of warfare.

Aiot + Security, Smart Traffic Catalyst

Comprehensively perceive traffic, effectively solve traffic congestion

As the number of urban vehicles rises, the traffic congestion of urban residents travel, Aiot + Security gives more possible, through the establishment of a new type of medium and traffic automation coordination system coordinated with people, cars, roads, and environments, in the city There are public transport resources, integration

Cloud computing, big data artificial intelligence and other information technology, with intelligent analysis, all-round perception, automatic control, etc. Urban traffic governance level. With the case of "urban brain" started in Hangzhou, the project is in the field of urban transportation. After the urban data brain is online, the 22-kilometer elevated road of the pilot reduces 15.3%, saving time saves for 4.6 minutes, the ground trunk The average delay of the road is reduced by 8.5%, and the travel saves time for 1 minute. Such a score makes all walks of life to see the infinite potential of Aiot + security in solving urban pains and enhance traffic efficiency.

Aiot + Security, Wisdom Building Driving

Automatic protection building scene, reduce energy consumption green environmental protection

Office scenes and home scenarios have become two major scenes of personal life. With the continuous development of IoT, intelligent development, each element can achieve organic interaction, and the building scene welcomes the development of new opportunities. Intelligent buildings are integrated with information technology and construction, communication, control, highly automated equipment, efficient service, flexible, safe and comfortable, etc., can achieve communication automation in buildings through AI intelligence. Electricity control automation, safety protection automation, and office automation. In the field of smart buildings, artificial intelligence is displayed in the building, the storage realization tracking positioning and status display, the evaluation personnel access state, distinguish between the track and stay time of the staff in the building, enhance the security level to the core area, and ensure the safety of core regional resources Monitor the energy consumption of building, making the building’s efficiency and extend service life.

With the development of social economy and technology, new smart cities will become the trend of future urban development, and security as the first commercial landing in smart cities. Under the domestic policy guidance and technology, it will continue to apply in wisdom traffic. In intelligent construction projects such as smart communities, smart campus, smart hospitals, providing us to create a green comfortable living environment, Aiot + Security will continue to develop in the new pattern.

This article is reproduced from the Chinese urban business big data image from the network

New observation

"Fourteen five" the latest progress of major construction projects! Yuhang this cloud computing data center is nearing completion

In May this year, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "Zhejiang major construction projects" Fourteen five "project list" Yuhang multiple items selected.

In these major construction projects in the Yuhang, Liangzhu Jiang laboratories and laboratories have been put into use in the construction of the project is to speed up construction, which Zhejiang Alibaba Cloud Computing Data Center Union and the project will be completed by December this year!

Zhejiang Alibaba Cloud Computing Data Center Union and projects

As from the Alibaba Group in Hangzhou headquarters closest data center, Alibaba Zhejiang cloud computing Renhe data center will be integrated application Ali Dharma homes, flat head brother of the latest research results, achieved in the data center scale, calculate the force, energy, intelligence, etc. comprehensive upgrade. Renhe data center deployment of the world’s largest liquid-cooled clusters, to achieve the world’s most advanced level.

▲ project renderings

Project Profile: Zhejiang Alibaba Cloud Computing Data Center Union and projects located in Hangzhou Qianjiang Economic Development Zone, with a total land area of ??about 142 acres, the construction of the data center room, integrated space, power distribution room and other production and auxiliary buildings 120,000 square meters purchase standard rack 5100, servers, gateways, load balancing and other mechanical and electrical equipment 10 million, and Ali cloud related to product placement to the appropriate device. After the completion of Yuhang District will inject new impetus to the development of industrial clustering of large data fusion applications. Time is the project started in October 2018, planned completion time is December 2021, a project was put into operation in December 2020, the second phase is expected to put into operation in time for the June 2022.

Project Progress: At present, A, B, C, H building was completed, D test validation floor, E building mechanical and electrical construction.

The progress of other major construction projects, take a look!

Ali Baba Dharma Institute of South Lake Park

South Lake Hospital Dharma project will carry scientific and technological innovation as the industrial city of the future Alibaba and technological proving ground, the Southlake Regional Hospital and South Lake Dharma build a future source of technology, the future of the industry and lead to a model city of the future, the big data computing , AI algorithms, chip count forces, unmanned, in areas such as quantum computing research and development, and actively support the "digital Zhejiang", and to work closely with enterprises in the region, university institutions, innovation networks and the formation of industrial clusters, leading the region collaborative technological innovation.

▲ project renderings

Project Description: The project is located in the future science and technology city of South Lake Science Center Area, with a total land area of ??342.12 acres, with a total investment of 2.144 billion yuan, with a total construction area of ??490,500 square meters, the proposed research and development office, science laboratory, ancillary services and other functions space. Construction unit to preach Ka Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Time is the project started in October 2020, the anticipated completion date is May 2023, it is expected to put into operation in time for the December 2023.

Project progress: The project is currently underway earthwork and construction of basement structures.

Zhejiang University centrifugal gravity simulation and experimental project

The project is included in the "major national scientific and technological infrastructure" Thirteen Five "plan", the project will build the world’s largest capacity centrifugal gravity simulation and experimental equipment, centrifugal acceleration and load controlled adjustable centrifuge capacity of 1900 acceleration of gravity. T, the maximum centrifugal acceleration of 1500 times the gravitational acceleration, the maximum load of 32 tons.

▲ project renderings

Project Description: The project is located in the city of the future of science and technology, with a total land area of ??about 89 acres, with a total investment of about 21 billion yuan, with a total construction area of ??34,560 square meters, the main construction of two gravity centrifuge host six gravity JEM and related facilities . Construction unit of Zhejiang University. Start time for the project in February 2020, the anticipated completion date is December 2024, will be launched in June 2025.

Project progress: ongoing basis construction equipment, it has been the host machine and heavy machine-compartment model machine room floor the first floor slab construction is completed; complete the construction shallow pit crown beam support beams.

AI vivo global R & D center project

After completion of the project as artificial intelligence vivo global research and development headquarters, engineering cloud base algorithm research and development of major mobile phone AI algorithms, AI technical capabilities, the ability to recommend the search algorithm, cloud AI training / Mystery platform, a new generation of information technology to achieve high-end chain AI artificial Intelligence gathering field of artificial intelligence research and development to create new heights.

▲ project renderings

Project Description: The project is located in the former warehouse Street, with a total land area of ??about 53.8 acres, a total construction area of ??323,000 square meters. The total investment of 21.5 billion yuan, the construction unit for the Weaver mobile communications (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Start time for the project in November 2020, planned completion time for the December 2024, it is expected to put into operation in time for the June 2025.

Project progress: pile foundation works completed, the first, two stays completed, the third channel support 90% complete.

In addition to these project-specific landing Yuhang, Yuhang District still more major construction projects across the province administrative regions "Fourteen five" project to assume the role of backbone, including the characteristics of the provincial town of technological innovation projects in major categories, modern intelligent transformation projects of industrial enterprises and other major industrial categories.

Yuhang will promote major projects to speed up the landing, speed up construction, and strive to play a major construction project for sustainable growth effective investment, the role of stone ballast quality of economic and social development.

Realme new machine exposure! Position high-end flagship, design unexpectedly

With the high-end flagship chip, everyone should be more interested in products that each family to carry these chips. At present, Realme should be the most active, and the broke news is also displayed. Realme will also publish the Union and Qualcomm flagship chip products, you can meet all the choices.

Realme GT2 will be equipped with Tianzhu 9000 processor, Realme GT2 Pro will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. It’s really left-handed UNAID 9000, the right hand Qualcomm Snapdron 8 Gen 1. To know that the two chips are running over millions, performance is absolutely worth looking forward to.

In contrast, Realme GT 2PRO is more concerned, one is equipped with Qualcomm’s flagship chip, and the positioning is higher, everyone is sure to be more interested. At present, foreign media also expose the rendering map of this product, and the true design is a bit personality, very like Realme’s mascot –Realmeow.

Of course, netizens indicate that the product model like the current temperature measuring gun is quite different. But then think about it, thin design + flagship imaging system, seems to be really designed to be. If you are released, can everyone accept such a mobile phone like this?

For information on the RealMe flagship, I don’t know if everyone is interested!

Domestic "Double High" wires let China’s high-speed rail "power full" performance world leads

Domestic "double high" wire make China high-speed rail "power full"


As technology continues to improve, today my country’s copper-chrome zirconium wires can achieve 83% of conductivity, while intensity reaches 620 MPa. my country’s high-strength high-director contact network wire with independent intellectual property rights can provide strong technical support for the construction of new high-speed rails.

◎ This newspaper reporter Chen Yu

350 kilometers per hour, 36,000 km from the operating mileage, 30 provinces and districts outside Tibet … China high-speed rail is refreshed with the "high-speed rail" and records of my country in China. As the "heart" of the high-speed train, the power supply system is the key to secure, high speed, reliable, and stable operation of the train.

"High-speed railway high-strength high-director contact network wire" "high-speed railway high-strength high-promoting contact network wire", the key technology and application of high-speed railway, high-speed high-director contact network wire, China, China Iron Electrification Design, Research Institute, Tianjin, realized the complete country of my country’s high-speed rail contact network wire. After 10 years, the "hanging net" operation on the high-speed rail line of 1.30,000 kilometers such as Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing, and Chengxi, confirmed that its performance leads the "world high-speed rail". The project also won the second prize of the 2020 National Science and Technology Progress Award, and the project was authorized to authorize 32 patents, 31 SCI papers, and 6 national standards and 2 industry standards.

Copper magnesium wire has reached the safety limit

As the saying goes, the train runs fast, close to the headband. So where is the traction power of the "front"?

"When people wait in the high-speed rail station, they often see the transmission lines along the railway along the railway. These power transmission lines are high-speed railway contact networks. The electricity required for high-speed train operation is to transport through the contact network on the upper end of the locomotive." Wang Litian Introduction, Once the contact network is powered down or the trachee is poor contact with the contact network, the supply of the train will affect the supply of the train.

At the same time, the three major core technical bottlenecks that restrict high-speed train speed increase is also the traffic flow of the bow. In order to ensure the stability of the train under high-speed driving, the contact network wire must have large tension and large carrier capacity, which requires the wires to have high strength and high conductivity, but also to ensure that the contact network is lightweight, and cannot give the project. Increase investment.

Wang Li Tian explained: "When the train speed is 300 km / h, it is from more than 90% of the resistance from wind resistance, and the square of wind resistance and speed is proportional to the speed of the train. Positive ratio. After the power becomes large, the current is also increased accordingly. Therefore, the contact network wire is required to have high conductivity. "

"When ensuring high conductivity, the contact network wire also needs to guarantee high strength." Wang Li Tian said that the train cannot be detached between the trains and the wires, and must be closely contacted. Only the fluctuation speed of the wire is greater than 1.4 times that of the train speed, in order to ensure that the electrical arch and the contact network wire do not detach. The speed of the flossing wire must increase the tension of the wire. In the case of the weight of the wire, it is necessary to increase the wire strength, so that the wire strength reaches 2.0 or more. That is, the maximum pull-off force that the wire can be affected needs to achieve more than 2 times the strength of the tensile force required to ensure safety.

It is a huge challenge to increase intensity and conductivity. As is well known, in the copper alloy material, the conductivity and intensity are inversely proportional, and the improvement of the conductivity and intensity is very difficult, so the difficulty of high-speed rail contact network wires is extremely difficult. Before the implementation of Wang Litian team project, all high-speed rail contact network wires rely on imports .

"At that time, the internationally advanced copper magnesium wire strength has reached the safety limit at 350 kilometers of the train, and it is necessary to further speed up the next generation of higher strength and higher conductivity copper-chrome zirconium-chromium zirconium contact network wires." Wang Lidian said, To achieve "China Speed", this can have to cross the past.

R & D, industrialization everything from scratch

As early as 2006, when my country began construction of high-speed rail construction, Wang Litian as a member of the expert team, started to come into this area.

"Due to high activity, high volatile characteristics of chromium zirconium alloy, resulting in the preparation of zero-defects, super long copper-chrome zirconium wires that can meet engineering needs, is known as the high-speed rail traction power supply technology ‘Crown Pearl’." Wang Lidian said that although the day, law, Germany and other countries were investigated, but did not achieve engineering applications, and the technology was closely blocked.

The foreign technical blockade made Wang Li Tian clearly saw that in order to achieve the breakthrough of my country’s high-speed rail technology, it must be self-improvement, carry out independent innovation, and make the copper chromium zirconia contact network wire domesticization, making China’s own high-strength high-guide line.

At that time, the copper magnesium wires in my country were relying on imports. It is difficult to know that the technical difficulty is difficult to develop a large copper-chrome zirconium wire. "Really everything starts from scratch, retrieving literature, can learn from the content." Wang Li Tian recalled, fortunately, the team found a Professor of Meng Liang, a high-strength material of Zhejiang University. With the help of Professor Meng Liang, used for half a year, the team developed the sample of the copper-chrome zirconium material wire in the laboratory, and the parameters indicators of the sample are very excellent, the conductivity is more than 80%, the strength Reach 620 MPa.

It is excited that Wang Li Tian found that the school laboratory research and realization of large length wire industrialization differed by hundreds of thousands of miles, and the research workload and difficulty in the laboratory only All workload and difficulty of industrialization projects are 5% -10%, and the technical difficulty of achieving industrialization is far more than team imagination.

Wang Li Tian said that all processes in the metal smelting process are basically divided into four parts. The first part is smelting technology. The second part is casting technology, and the third part is hard-changing to strengthen metal processing technology, and the fourth part is heat treatment technology.

"The first and second parts are the most important critical. At that time, we walked throughout the country, and could not find equipment that can be smelted and cast by copper-chrome zirconium wires. All of the tooling equipment must be developed by themselves." Wang Litian Say, "It can be said that the development process of wire industrialization is the process of research and development of various equipment and process processes needed to produce wires."

For example, Wang Litian said, such as smelting furnace, in order to avoid chromium zirconium alloy volatilization, the team tried a variety of process paths, and the team also selected more than a dozen tests.

"The most difficult thing is the research and development of crystallizer, when the alloy blank is cast, the surface is very rough and there is crack, and there is a gas hole, and the internal alloy component is unqualified, how to adjust the data is not used." Wang Li Tian recall It is guarded more than 1,000 degrees Celsius on more than 1,000 degrees Celsius, and many experiments failed, and many participants began to shake. Some people say that Japan has been studied for nearly 20 years, and the products have not been put into applications. How can we study it.

However, Wang Li Tian did not move, still guarded by the smelting furnace every day, finally did not have a heart, and a trial, "there is no accident in the accident", let the danger of life in the smelting site, Wang Litian, finally "smash this layer" Window paper "solves the most difficult technical problems during the development process.

Product performance world leading

In December 2010, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail prior guidelines conducted a joint test and comprehensive trial, the highest operating speed of 486.1 kilometers, of which the high-strength high-spirited copper chrome zircon is not good.

"Tested, the conductivity of copper-chrome zirconium wire-produced copper-chromium-produced copper-chromium-produced production has reached 560 MPa, and the performance can be placed in the same type of products on the same period of Japan, while Europe and America has no similar type. The product is developed. "Wang Li Tian said proudly, and because our product production link is more simplified, there is a lot of costs.

At present, my country’s production of copper-chrome zirconium wires has achieved continuous extrusion, and continuously draws two tons of copper-chromium zirconium wires, and there is no defect in the middle of the long length. In order to ensure the safety of the wire, the wire also has high corrosion resistance, ablative resistance, and good high temperature characteristics. Wang Litian further explained that because my country’s high-speed railway spreads all over the motherland, some railways are covered, the sea, etc., so the corrosion resistance of the wire is very high. At the same time, friction is hot. When the train is driving at a high speed, it will rub it with the contact network wire. In general, when the temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius, the wire strength will decrease. Our copper chrome zirconium wires increase the wire within a certain range of intensity due to the material and process, and 100 degrees. In addition, after cooling, the intensity of other alloy wires will generally fall by about 20%, while our chromium zircon-copper wire strength will only fall by about 5%, with excellent high temperature characteristics.

As technology continues to improve, today my country’s copper-chrome zirconium wires can achieve 83% of conductivity, while intensity reaches 620 MPa. "Chongqing, Chongqing to Chengdu, is now ready to be 400 kilometers, which is more than 400 kilometers more than the existing 350 km / h. High-speed rail to the requirements of various technologies." Wang Litian is full of confidence, he said, this time my country’s high-strength high-director contact network wire with independent intellectual property rights can provide strong technical support for the construction of new high-speed rails.

How can artific intelligence save the earth?

Science Fi Network December 01 (Zhu Yu) At present, AI (artificial intelligence) technology is widely used in enterprises, improved decision-making, business processes, and valuable insights. At the same time, AI also has great potential to save the globe, detect energy emission reduction, optimize energy production, monitor forest fell, predict extreme weather conditions, clean the ocean and protect residents.

Although 71% of the earth is the ocean, the ocean is being occupied by plastic waste. According to the United Nations Environment Program, 300 million tons of plastic are produced each year, but not all plastics are recycled. In addition, it is predicted that by 2050, at least 937 million tons of plastic garbage in the ocean, while the fish is only 895 million tons.

Therefore, the first application of AI technology is cleaning and protecting the ocean from plastic pollution. So how can AI technologies help clean the ocean?

In 2020, researchers at Buffalo have developed a robotic system based on ML (machine learning) that can be classified, find eco-friendly solvents and new chemicals, and decompose plastics into reusable ingredients.

This plastic classification robot system includes sensor technology and ML models. The sensor technology records the molecular characteristics of each plastic, and the ML model identifies a particular plastic according to molecular characteristics.

A technology company recently developed a fully automatic robot equipped with AI and ML technology, which can detect ocean plastics within two meters in the water. Such robots are driven by solar energy, and 250 kg of plastic waste can be collected at a time. In addition, the AI ??robots produced by the American Tyco Electronics can automatically identify, classify and process recycled items, and the speed is twice the human being, the accuracy is as high as 99%.

In addition, food waste is also a growing problem in the world. For example, in the United States, nearly 40 million tons of food per year were wasted. Ai technology also plays an important role in this global issue.

Perhaps in the near future, AI technology can make energy markets more efficient, unlock new supplies, and reduce transaction costs. Therefore, AI does not only play a key role in achieving environmental goals, but also plays an important role in achieving other sustainable development goals.

Xiaomi Service Appointment Patent is authorized to make an appointment for multiple service services

IT Home December 1 news, yesterday, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. "Service Appointment Processing Method and Appliance" patent is authorized, the public is the CN106485335B.

Investigating Patent Abstract, the disclosure sends a service appointment request to the corresponding service provider platform according to the service content, time information, and location information of each pending service, and can unify multiple job processing services, saving user time Simplify the user’s operational steps to bring great convenience to users.

IT House understands that the disclosure is about a service reservation processing method and apparatus, including:

  • Get the service content, time information, and location information of multiple service services;

  • According to the service content, time information, and location information of each of the services to be processed, the service appointment request is sent to the corresponding service provider platform, respectively, so that the service provider platforms can generate corresponding to each of the above-processed services. Appointment information;

  • The respective described above-processed services are processed separately.

The American Health Technology Employment Upgrade Competitive Barrier Employee Shares Welcomes High Quality Development

People’s health is an important logo of national prosperity and national prosperity, which is the most economical and most effective health strategy. "As a health check-up of the health checkout industry, the health checkout industry is broad, and it is the cause of the benefit of the country," the industry analysts pointed out.

Preventing Medical Leading Enterprise Beauty Health ( The latest scary report show that the company’s deep tillage industry, while continuously promoting product innovation, promotion AI technology application scenarios, enhances the concept of medical examination, enhances brand impact Force and industry competitiveness, for the pursuit of continuous, high-quality enterprise development goals.

What is worth paying is that the health of the daughter is still launched in the employee hold plan. The CITIC Securities Analysis report pointed out that the company launched the employee holding plan and is expected to lay the foundation for long-term development. With the arrival of the peak season in the second half of the year, the public hospital will return to the non-public medical institution. At the same time, some institutions new customers have gradually entered the non-public medical system boost unit price, and it is expected to achieve the year in the second half of the year. The price is rising, and the rejuvenation of the racestore accelerated recovery growth.

Employee shareholding plan helps long-term development

Some experts said that in a mature market, the employee holdings are quite universal institutional design, which is conducive to enhancing the company’s production efficiency and improves the company’s comprehensive strength. At the same time, it is also one of the effective ways to support and cultivate professional institutional investors.

It is understood that the employee holdings of the US health have not more than 1 billion yuan, and the stocks involved in the secondary market have been purchased through the secondary market. The participation of the employee holdings include the company (including controlled subsidiary) Directors (excluding independent directors), supervisors, executive personnel, core and backbone employees, real-controlled people will provide insurance protection for participating employees. The health of this employee’s shareholding program is to further improve and improve employee incentive mechanism, improve the company’s governance level, combine the company’s high-quality development, digital transformation, refined operations, and improve employee’s cohesiveness and company competition. Force, realize the interests of companies, shareholders and employee.

"Launched the employee holdings, it is expected to provide a solid power for the company’s development.

2021 is the new opportunity and challenge after the extent of the epidemic, and the key year of the new journey is opened, the health of the United States is also the key to the company’s transformation and upgrading. According to the middle report, in the first half of this year, the American health revolves around the core development strategy of "medical guidance, quality drive, service support, innovation", continuously improve the construction and improvement of medical quality and service system, and comprehensively improve the level of refined operations, and In information, digital, digital, continuous establishment of product advantages and technical barriers. Analyst analysts in China pointed out that in the past two years, the health management center from the epitaxial expansion to high-quality internal development, medical management results, and completed digital transformation and upgrading, management efficiency in medical informationization and financial software systems. Improve.

The industry pointed out that in the next 10 years, the development of preventive medicine is an important strategic support for promoting healthy China. The health check-in industry is highly in line with the national health policy guidance. Through physical examination and health management, the national medical insurance expenditure, which is in line with the long-term encouragement of national and policies. Medical direction. The post-epidemic age superimposed that China aging society comes in advance, people are expected to increase significantly from their own health concerns and investment. According to the national statistical bureau data, from 2014 to 2020, the proportion of health care expenditures in my country’s residents increased from 7.2% to 8.7%.

It can be seen that the overall scale of the medical examination industry is expected to expand its overall scale in the policy blessing and demand for the market. According to the research report of the relevant agency, by 2025, my country’s medical examination market is expected to reach 300 billion yuan. Industry insiders pointed out that the US health as a leader in preventive medicine has become the leader of this gold track, forming a scale, technical barrier and brand effect.

CITIC Securities Analysis Report Review, the health benefits from the health benefits from the encouragement of the social medical policy guides and the company’s scale brands to build competition barriers. In this regard, the childhood health said that on the basis of existing layout and scale, the company will continue to strengthen the unified management and empowerment of the group, give full play to the cooperative advantage of the national medical examination center, strengthen the operational efficiency of single-individual inspection center, and continue to improve service Ability, promoting high quality internal development.

Science and technology research and development accelerate innovation

As China’s leading prevention and medical leading enterprises, the US health has always attached importance to scientific and technological innovation, and spare no effort in the investment and technical leadership of science and technology. According to the middle newspaper, the amount of health research and development in the United States in the first half of 2021 increased by 43.06% year-on-year.

In terms of product innovation, it is understood that the beauty of the New Year’s health launched "special new" products, including capsule gastroscopy, S9 colorectal cancer non-invasive early screening, vascular health package, brain health package and other technology leading high-end medical examination projects. As an example, it is reported that the pancapvascular disease has become one of the main causes of death of my country, and has important significance for early detection due to long-term development processes. Based on this, the health is in the health of the blood vessel health package, including ultrasound examination, biomarker, coronary CT, genetic testing and other items.

In terms of medical examination software, the health is carrying out the iterative upgrade, and the whole process is in front of the inspection, the inspection, the inspection, including the store appointment, queue call, reading medical, checked processing, fine operation, member Management, exception item follow-up and other functions and services.

Industry insiders, relying on large data and AI technology, in the pre-examination, inspection, inspection, after the prevention of medical field, it is the technology development direction in this field. "In advance, the use of the original monitoring equipment of the Internet of Things, the inspection can be used through the AI ??auxiliary diagnosis, and the cloud platform can be realized after the period of remote quality control.

In fact, the health is laid out in key tracks, etc. And highlights of cervical cancer, intestinal cancer, breast cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, and other early sieves. It is reported that the current health has applied AI technology to the breast, thyroid ultrasound image inspection, as well as the field of diabetic retinopathy screening, etc. Multiple links such as gastroscopy, through modern technology empower doctors, improve the accuracy of the reading, reducing the positive missed diagnosis rate, earlier, and more efficiently achieve the purpose of disease screening.

It is also known that US-year-old health has adopted corresponding service innovation to address the normalization of the epidemic, including continuous promotion of PCR laboratory construction in key cities, and launches multiple virus detection including new crown nucleic acid testing, human papillomavirus. . At the same time, the semester is also continuously promoting the qualification of the national medical examination center to obtain the qualification of vaccination, support HPV and new crown vaccination, and help the national public health system construction.

The health of the year, the company will continue to optimize the medical configuration resources, improve screening efficiency, expand the scope of AI-assisted screening technology, continue to introduce advanced screening equipment, in existing low-dose spiral CT, capsule gastroscope, no coronary nuclear magnetic, Based on advanced technology and equipment such as gene monitoring, layout a new generation of breast ultrasound AI screening projects to construct a solid foundation for the effective screening of the disease.