Aiot + security construction activates smart city new kinetic energy

The Outline of the "14th Five-Year Plan" is proposed, and the new generation of information and communication technologies such as Internet, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing should be made to promote the construction of contemporary smart city, promote high quality development, improve urban management and social governance level, and build safety, comfort Modern, wisdom urban environment.

Aiot + Security refers to the practical application of traditional security use of hardware and software products and services based on artificial intelligence technology in the city-level and industry security scenarios to prevent the purpose of responding to various entities and bursts, promoting national three-dimensional social security. Prevention and control system construction, guarantee national security and social stability.

In the security field, Shanghai is issued in 2020, "Some Opinions on Further Accelement Smart City", pointing out that realization of geography, research and verifying multi-dimensional, command flat, disposal efficient, building all-weather safety situation. Promote information new technologies in the field of large people’s flow monitoring and early warning, urban security and other fields.

At present, Aiot + Security is facing more broad emerging markets and business extensions under smart urban growth. In realization of security construction, it is aware of the data cognitive awareness of a comprehensive intelligent security construction of the security construction. With decision support capabilities, it will be integrated into data integration, operation monitoring, analysis decision making, and combination of combination of warfare.

Aiot + Security, Smart Traffic Catalyst

Comprehensively perceive traffic, effectively solve traffic congestion

As the number of urban vehicles rises, the traffic congestion of urban residents travel, Aiot + Security gives more possible, through the establishment of a new type of medium and traffic automation coordination system coordinated with people, cars, roads, and environments, in the city There are public transport resources, integration

Cloud computing, big data artificial intelligence and other information technology, with intelligent analysis, all-round perception, automatic control, etc. Urban traffic governance level. With the case of "urban brain" started in Hangzhou, the project is in the field of urban transportation. After the urban data brain is online, the 22-kilometer elevated road of the pilot reduces 15.3%, saving time saves for 4.6 minutes, the ground trunk The average delay of the road is reduced by 8.5%, and the travel saves time for 1 minute. Such a score makes all walks of life to see the infinite potential of Aiot + security in solving urban pains and enhance traffic efficiency.

Aiot + Security, Wisdom Building Driving

Automatic protection building scene, reduce energy consumption green environmental protection

Office scenes and home scenarios have become two major scenes of personal life. With the continuous development of IoT, intelligent development, each element can achieve organic interaction, and the building scene welcomes the development of new opportunities. Intelligent buildings are integrated with information technology and construction, communication, control, highly automated equipment, efficient service, flexible, safe and comfortable, etc., can achieve communication automation in buildings through AI intelligence. Electricity control automation, safety protection automation, and office automation. In the field of smart buildings, artificial intelligence is displayed in the building, the storage realization tracking positioning and status display, the evaluation personnel access state, distinguish between the track and stay time of the staff in the building, enhance the security level to the core area, and ensure the safety of core regional resources Monitor the energy consumption of building, making the building’s efficiency and extend service life.

With the development of social economy and technology, new smart cities will become the trend of future urban development, and security as the first commercial landing in smart cities. Under the domestic policy guidance and technology, it will continue to apply in wisdom traffic. In intelligent construction projects such as smart communities, smart campus, smart hospitals, providing us to create a green comfortable living environment, Aiot + Security will continue to develop in the new pattern.

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