AI customer service system in the context of big data

With the updated Internet technology, big data technology has been widely used in different occupations. In the big data technology background, application of artificial intelligence customer service system not only can reverse the previous customer marketing model, can effectively reduce the workload of manual customer service, so as to continuously improve the service level of customer service. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to use Big Data technologies in the development of artificial intelligence in order to gradually improve the efficiency of intelligent customer service system.

Integrates multiple technologies based on artificial intelligence customer service system in the context of big data. Starting from specialized, personalized knowledge base construction, proposed the use of knowledge maps, portraits of analysis and other technical users to upgrade intelligent customer service system, increase availability, reduce maintenance personnel pressure, effective solution to the traditional customer service system knowledge base updates slow, system mental retardation, poor sense of service issues. Big Data applications in artificial intelligence technology continues customer service system, has an important role to effectively alleviate the pressure of artificial customer service, to provide users with better services, and promote the development of business intelligence industry. And implemented Big Data technologies and artificial intelligence systems effective customer service integration to ensure application performance big data technology into full play, enhance the operation and management level of enterprises from the general idea and integration examples.

Application of artificial intelligence in the customer service system, the key technology is mainly related to the voice recognition key technologies, natural language processing, knowledge base management of key technologies, key speech synthesis technology, mainly the following:

Key speech recognition technology

For speech recognition is concerned, is to make the robot artificial intelligence to identify, understand the language spoken by the customer, is a form of human-computer interaction technology, in recent years in the field of voice control, search field has been widely used as artificial intelligence-related one of the key technologies in high-quality customer service system applications.

2 key natural language processing technology

From natural language processing key technical level, it is through natural language, computer communicate with each other technical measures so that the computer can perform efficient communication and natural language used by the customer. The key technologies are mainly related to natural language understanding section, generate part.

3 key technologies of Knowledge Management

Knowledge is a very important part of customer service system, regardless of traditional customer service system or artificial intelligence system, the management of the process was the need to find from within the knowledge base of knowledge or to a very standard answer, then feeds it back to the customer. Currently there are many types of knowledge in the market, the most common is the frame type, the type of rule, several types of logic.

4 key speech synthesis technology

Such techniques during a particular application, also known as a text to speech conversion, from a substantive level, is related to the content of the text data transformed into voice data content, and its playback processing, which involves learning aspects of sound, voice science aspects, psychological aspects of digital signal processing technology frontier, will use multimedia technology synthesis, with the support of various types of high-tech can guarantee the performance of the work.

By Big Data technologies and artificial intelligence fusion system of effective customer service, it can be seen, intelligent automated customer service system is based on the knowledge base of Big Data technologies, standardization of the response can not only improve the quality of service throughout the system, but also to effectively meet customers’ need. But off-line business service entity function of the system also can automatically identify the customer’s voice demand, automatic query large data repositories, promote staff to provide more comprehensive Q & A information to customers, not only to improve the skills of workers to achieve the effective storage of theoretical knowledge , but also to meet customer demand response. By using big data technologies, customer identification information can be efficiently converted to data and information stored on the data platform, thus greatly improving the efficiency and level of development of enterprise data acquisition conversion.

New Engineering under the new era, leading the new direction of future development

In order to take the initiative to respond to the new round of scientific revolution and industrial change, support service innovation drive development, "China Manufacturing 2025" and other series of national strategies, "New Engineering" came into being.

What is "New Engineering"

"New Engineering" is mainly referring to the professionalism of emerging industries, using Internet and industrial intelligence as the core, including big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block chain, virtual reality, intelligent science and technology, etc. Intelligent manufacturing, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, robots, etc. used in the upgrade of traditional engineering, in order to cultivate future emerging industries and new economic needs, strong practical ability, strong innovation ability, high-quality composite new engineering with international competitiveness Talent.

The key to the "New Engineering" is that "new" word, "new" in his discipline, science and education integration, school-enterprise cooperation, synergistic education concept, can be omitted twice. In the era of rapid development of science and technology, emerging technology often born in the field of cross-border cross-integration, just as the "automatic driving" of the world, single can be divided into information collection, analysis and identification, action decision, and equipment control from implementation steps. In a stage, there are many areas such as communications, computers, networks, and control technologies. This is not only requiring colleges and universities to cultivate talents with solid basic capabilities, and there must be interdisciplinary thinking, innovation awareness, etc. to cope with future challenges.

The difference between "New Engineering" and traditional engineering

Compared with traditional engineering, "New Engineering" more emphasizes the practicality, crossability and comprehensiveness of the discipline, especially paying attention to new technologies such as information communication, electronic control, software design and the close combination of traditional industrial technology.

At the same time, new industries and new economic and social needs are high-quality composite "new engineering" talents with strong engineering practical ability + strong innovation ability + high-quality composite "new engineering", specifically: "one special"; quick learning Knowledge uses it to solve the problem and lead the future technology and industry; excellent technology, understand economic, social and management, and have good humanistic literacy.

"New Engineering" is broad

Data show that in 2020 my country’s new generation of information technology industries, electricity equipment, high-grade CNC machine tools and robots, new materials have become the largest professional, including 7.5 million in the new generation of information technology industry talents. By 2025, the new generation of information technology industry talents will reach 9.5 million.

High-speed development industry and huge talent gaps, let "New Engineering" professional become extremely hot, many universities in "New Engineering" are all 985 or 211 sequences, North Qingren Fu, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University famous university. It can be said that "New Engineering" will be a general trend, the employment prospect is very broad!

In order to serve the national development strategy, respond to the country’s demand for "New Engineering" talents, Wuhan Hua Industry Zhiyun Technology Co., Ltd. joint industry authorities, industry learning sessions together, collect job skills learning, practice, training and assessment certification in the field of new engineering Training center project, established the "New Practice Learning Training and Certification Exam Center".

The center of post courses is jointly under the leading power and well-known college quality teachers in various industrial authorities. It provides artificial intelligence and intelligence to provide artificial intelligence and intelligence through the company’s self-developed online learning platform. Construction, intelligent manufacturing, instrumentation, data science, information security, industrial digitalization, industrial robots, etc. Innovative composite talents for engineering skills.