Realme new machine exposure! Position high-end flagship, design unexpectedly

With the high-end flagship chip, everyone should be more interested in products that each family to carry these chips. At present, Realme should be the most active, and the broke news is also displayed. Realme will also publish the Union and Qualcomm flagship chip products, you can meet all the choices.

Realme GT2 will be equipped with Tianzhu 9000 processor, Realme GT2 Pro will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. It’s really left-handed UNAID 9000, the right hand Qualcomm Snapdron 8 Gen 1. To know that the two chips are running over millions, performance is absolutely worth looking forward to.

In contrast, Realme GT 2PRO is more concerned, one is equipped with Qualcomm’s flagship chip, and the positioning is higher, everyone is sure to be more interested. At present, foreign media also expose the rendering map of this product, and the true design is a bit personality, very like Realme’s mascot –Realmeow.

Of course, netizens indicate that the product model like the current temperature measuring gun is quite different. But then think about it, thin design + flagship imaging system, seems to be really designed to be. If you are released, can everyone accept such a mobile phone like this?

For information on the RealMe flagship, I don’t know if everyone is interested!