AI customer service system in the context of big data

With the updated Internet technology, big data technology has been widely used in different occupations. In the big data technology background, application of artificial intelligence customer service system not only can reverse the previous customer marketing model, can effectively reduce the workload of manual customer service, so as to continuously improve the service level of customer service. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to use Big Data technologies in the development of artificial intelligence in order to gradually improve the efficiency of intelligent customer service system.

Integrates multiple technologies based on artificial intelligence customer service system in the context of big data. Starting from specialized, personalized knowledge base construction, proposed the use of knowledge maps, portraits of analysis and other technical users to upgrade intelligent customer service system, increase availability, reduce maintenance personnel pressure, effective solution to the traditional customer service system knowledge base updates slow, system mental retardation, poor sense of service issues. Big Data applications in artificial intelligence technology continues customer service system, has an important role to effectively alleviate the pressure of artificial customer service, to provide users with better services, and promote the development of business intelligence industry. And implemented Big Data technologies and artificial intelligence systems effective customer service integration to ensure application performance big data technology into full play, enhance the operation and management level of enterprises from the general idea and integration examples.

Application of artificial intelligence in the customer service system, the key technology is mainly related to the voice recognition key technologies, natural language processing, knowledge base management of key technologies, key speech synthesis technology, mainly the following:

Key speech recognition technology

For speech recognition is concerned, is to make the robot artificial intelligence to identify, understand the language spoken by the customer, is a form of human-computer interaction technology, in recent years in the field of voice control, search field has been widely used as artificial intelligence-related one of the key technologies in high-quality customer service system applications.

2 key natural language processing technology

From natural language processing key technical level, it is through natural language, computer communicate with each other technical measures so that the computer can perform efficient communication and natural language used by the customer. The key technologies are mainly related to natural language understanding section, generate part.

3 key technologies of Knowledge Management

Knowledge is a very important part of customer service system, regardless of traditional customer service system or artificial intelligence system, the management of the process was the need to find from within the knowledge base of knowledge or to a very standard answer, then feeds it back to the customer. Currently there are many types of knowledge in the market, the most common is the frame type, the type of rule, several types of logic.

4 key speech synthesis technology

Such techniques during a particular application, also known as a text to speech conversion, from a substantive level, is related to the content of the text data transformed into voice data content, and its playback processing, which involves learning aspects of sound, voice science aspects, psychological aspects of digital signal processing technology frontier, will use multimedia technology synthesis, with the support of various types of high-tech can guarantee the performance of the work.

By Big Data technologies and artificial intelligence fusion system of effective customer service, it can be seen, intelligent automated customer service system is based on the knowledge base of Big Data technologies, standardization of the response can not only improve the quality of service throughout the system, but also to effectively meet customers’ need. But off-line business service entity function of the system also can automatically identify the customer’s voice demand, automatic query large data repositories, promote staff to provide more comprehensive Q & A information to customers, not only to improve the skills of workers to achieve the effective storage of theoretical knowledge , but also to meet customer demand response. By using big data technologies, customer identification information can be efficiently converted to data and information stored on the data platform, thus greatly improving the efficiency and level of development of enterprise data acquisition conversion.

One plus 10PRO appearance change, finally removed the 200W black and white lens, but there are two regrets

With the high-pass 2022 new flagship chip tomorrow, a large wave of new flagship mobile phones will soon come, including the next generation of mobile phones, one plus 10 series, there is news, one plus 10 is very likely Released in January 2022, in addition to a plus 10, there is a small rice 12 series, Motorola Edge X and other mobile phones.

From the release time of a cycle, it has been in May to add a 9 series in March in May. This time it is released in January, it is not very like a plus style, it is very likely that in March, it is not After knowing the return to OPPO, it is not a resource in place, and the machine is faster. You need to take a part of the market in advance. After all, the 8GX Gen1 new machine is too much.

Although it is returned to OPPO, it is also a high-end route, but OPPO has its own Find series, and the addition is not the first time to use new technologies. According to the digital large V broke the news, there is two uncomfortable messages in one plus 10 Pro.

One plus 10 PRO still uses a one-generation 8 million Tottong 3.3X telephoto, there is no hidden lens, and it is mentioned, not only one plus 10 pro, even the Find new machine has no match, I really gt2 Naturally there is no. The other two lens pixels are the same, and 4800W + 5000W will be seen on the sensor, and there is a second mobile phone with Hasu, I hope to take pictures.

In addition, one plus 10 PRO has no fast charge, it is a bit unfortunate. OPPO is the first manufacturer of a hundred wars in China. How does PRO have to be on, but there is no news.

Since the phone battery capacity can not solve in a short time, the fast charge can always make up for the shortcomings of electricity, 30 minutes full of 15 minutes, still have a big difference.

In addition to the processor’s regular operation, the overall peripheral configuration upgrade is not large, how to see how it feels meant, unlike the 2022 flagship mobile phone, do you say that is it to give the Find new machine?

As for the appearance, it is also eight or nine, there is already a sample picture to be disclosed, plus the corresponding mobile phone shell and large V confirmation. The appearance of this generation has a relatively large change. The rear module looks more atmospheric, with stronger identification, and also takes the 200W’s black and white lens, and the flash is turned around.

The front is still insisted on the upper left corner, 3200W Selfie lens, and there is no screen image technology, but the screen material uses Samsung E5.

In fact, the previous generation of a plus 9 series, it should be a model in the history of investment, please, Zhou Xun and Hu Ge have endorse, but also the same name with the Hasu, but sales is not very ideal.

Why do you say that sales is not ideal? There are two main reasons, one, Jingdong platform two mobile expressions are around more than 300,000, and the Xiaomi 11 Series in the same time, Xiaomi 11 has 500,000 + evaluation, Xiaomi 11PRO has 200,000 + comments. Second, one plus 9 series is a plus all models, the price is the fastest, and the most price cut is the most price cut. It is not enough to cut the price. Now the top version of 5999 yuan, 4599 yuan can buy hands. .

If it is not the kind of pursuit of fever configuration, a plus 9 PRO will start with a price of 4599 yuan, or a very worthwhile, 12GB + 256GB memory combination, Snapdragon 888 processor, 2K + 120Hz micro-curve screen LTPO, 65 wired fast Charge + 50W wireless fast charge, 5000W super wide angle IMX766 + 48 million IMX789 + 8 million long focus lens, and there is Hasu color.

For a few generations, there is a lot of improvements compared to the previous generation, especially in the tuning of colors, it should have a very good experience. In addition to these, a plus 9 PRO has also updated the Coloros 12 system, which is more smooth.

In general, a plus 9 Pro during the daily use of the daily use, there is no problem with the performance, photo, and fluency, etc., the only question is some fever, after all, the Xiaolong 888 is really controlled, but still acceptable.

So, a plus 10 Pro list is in the configuration, and it is not a lot of 9PRO, which is a very regular product iteration upgrade. Of course, these are currently explosive information, saying that there will be variations later.

Discussion: Do you like to add 10 PRO’s appearance?