WeChat can open the Taobao link and pay, jealousy responding to employee accepting bribes and sentenced, Tit CEO announces the removal, QQ mobile version inside the super QQ show, this is the other ne

Today is November 30

Lunar day October 6

In the evening, the hot pot’s girlfriend is coming to find it.

As a result, just meet

Excited hot pot will lose his family

Take it away

No wonder, although the gossip

But the hot pot is not even an object now.

Here is the other news today.

# The interconnection will further open the Taobao page directly and pay the payment with Alipay.

(Sina Technology) At present, mobile phone WeChat has been able to open Taobao Home and product links, users can also share Taobao products links in WeChat. Users will jump to Taobao related pages after clicking on the web, while using Alipay purchase goods on the Taobao page.

It is reported that WeChat is pointed out in the update description of "About" WeChat External Link Content Management Specification ", will be tried to open the externally linking of the e-commerce class under the group chat scene, and will continue to be promoted with major Internet platforms in the future. Interconnection scheme.

: 8 years! Do you know how I lived in 8 years!

# 音 回 受 受 被: 受::: 音:::::::::

(Sina Technology) learned from the referee, the byte beating two employees Wang Madi and Zhang Moue’s illegal acceptance of the property of 570,000 yuan, and push the designated content to the hot list, the court sentenced two people to do the work The crime of accepting bribes, where Wang Madi was sentenced to the penalty for two months, fined 20,000 yuan, Zhang Welcome to be sentenced to one year in prison, probation of 20,000 yuan for a year, fined 20,000 yuan.

The relevant person in charge of the shake said that according to the real-time hotspot, the artificial editor is responsible for intervention against the violation of laws and regulations, violates public order, marketing hype, and over entertaining. After investigation, Wang Madi, Zhang Welcome does not allow for this rule. The shake said that the internal management mechanism will be further improved, and severely crack down on internal corruption, and submit the judicial organs to the judiciary.

: But tell the truth, will you see?

# CEO Jack Doctors announced that the Twitter share price will fall by 2.74% Monday

(Sina Technology) "I Love Twitter". After leaving this essay, Twitter Jack Duo Jack Duo Jack, Jack Duo, officially announced to the CEO position, from the PARAG AGRAWAL to his position, appointment to take effect immediately. Door will continue to serve as members of the Twitter Board until their tenure has expired in the 2022 shareholders’ meeting.

Dors the West to the employee email said: "I believe that a company can survive independently, not being critical to the founder or guidance." This is Jack. During the second time, the CEO. In 2008, he turned from CEO to the Chairman of the Board, but in 2015, he became a temporary CEO in 2015 after Dick Costro.

: Cold knowledge: He is busy Jianbian Tercoin Exchange.

# Q q "土 生"? Tencent QQ mobile version of the "Super QQ Show"

(IT Home) Previously, Tencent desktop version of QQ show folded in the chat window, red diamond has stopped recharge, officially said that "future QQ show will show more real stereo ‘you’". Recently, the QQ mobile version has started limited to test "super QQ show", and the characters are changed from 2D to 3D. The entrance of the super QQ show is located in the upper right corner of the message interface. It replaces the original "shooting" button, and click after clicking.

According to the official announcement, the super QQ show is currently in the limited test phase. After the test is completed, the data will be cleared, and the current content does not represent the final quality.

: Ok, then I use Tim.

Today’s Ezhou, half a civil aviation circle is coming

"Our car network products can realize the car road, let the vehicle full process independently, over the elevator, the gate is not in the words." On November 30th, Hengda Hotel International Convention Center Hall, Huang Zhihua Technology Co., Ltd. Company staff introduced you.

Today, the Capital Airport, Daxing Airport, Baiyun Airport …

The person in charge of these international Herch’s famous airport came to Ezhou.

Not only they, the Secretary for Civil Aviation Administration, deputy director, governor of Hubei Province, the national civil aviation industry, nearly three hundred people came to Ezhou.

They are coming to participate in November 30th to December 1st, in EzhouNational Civil Airport Construction Management Work Conference.

Zhenghu Lake Airport preparatory school flight, this "building double hub, integrated into double cycle" Ezhou University IP has attracted the attention of the country.

Coordinate Ezhou Civil Aviation

This meeting is an important conference that is important in the airport field.Ezhou held a national airport meeting for the first time.

Director of the Civil Aviation Authority Feng Zhenglin attended the meeting and speaking. The main leaders of the Hubei Provincial Government also attended the event.

In the year of the opening of this fourteenth-five, overcome the influence of the epidemic, China Civil Aviation Administration chose to hold a national meeting in Ezhou, very rare.

In addition, the meeting received a wide range of concerns in the industry. After holding two hours, the live broadcast of the civil aviation newspaper public account has been viewed.

At the venue, more than 100 exhibitors show their own high-tech products, involving drivatic equipment, digital construction systems, etc.

During the meeting, the China Civil Aviation Authority was publicized by the "14th Five-Year Plan" civil transport airport construction plan, released and publicized"Guidance for the quality of the civil airport"Waiting for important documents, as well as a series of technical standards guides for airport construction.

These important documents, standards were released in Ezhou, and it is very historical for Ezhou.

In the construction of demonstration, airport "excellent students"

In Ezhou, the meeting has shown that the civil aviation system is affirmed by the highness of the construction of Ezhou Huahu Airport project.

Huahu Airport is the only airport in the first batch of "Top Four Airport" demonstration projects.

The construction stage has become a demonstration, and the "excellent" of Huahu Airport is not general.

This is mainly due to herSmart airport, intelligent constructionExcellent performance in.

Huahu Airport first implemented BIM forward design in the industry, and participated under the leadership of the Civil Aviation Authority and prepared the "Civil Transport Airport Building Information Model Application Unified Standard". More than 60 patents and copyrights were declared, and 2020 China Infrastructure Digital, Transportation and Logistics Innovation Awards.

In the country’s first BIM model, the whole process quality assessment and metering,Casted precision modeling – mode construction – pressing the model quality evaluation – the path paid by the model.

Due to ensuring the consistency of design drawings, architectural models, engineering entities, there is no dismantling in the current construction site, which is more than 300 million yuan, saving more than 200 days.

Liu Bingqi, Project Manager, Beijing Siwei Vision Information Technology Co., Ltd., said that in the industry, there is a saying: "Digital construction control begins with Daxing, applied to Tianfu, mature in flower lake."

On the afternoon, on the flower lake airport apron, dozens of automatic shuttle cars, unmanned patrol car arrangements, they all enable the scenery multi-machine operation, and the whole process independently.

According to the runway construction, the intelligent runway system has the ability to perceive the relevant information of each of the concrete sectors of the runway.

"You can realize in advance, you can know where you can change in the naked eye."

"Even excavators, bulldozers know where there is pipeline, deep as a few meters."

All this shows people the style of "smart airport".

The only absolute C bit in the country

Most of the domestic airports, the most important monomer building is a terminal building. In the flower lake airport,The largest, absolutely "C bit" monomer is SF Transit Center.

This is also highlightedThe nature of Huahu Airport Freight Hub.

It can be predictable in the next few years, it will beThe only professional freight hub in the country.

Lake up at night, the group is down.

The only cargo airport in Asia, the most busy time in the future is 23: 00-4: 00, and the peak period takes an hour to drop 46 aircraft, with an average of one half a minute.

Everyone is still sleeping, online shopping express is still "going full!"

In this publicity, "Tenth Five-Year Plan", "14th Five-Year Plan", specializing in accelerating the construction of the air freight hub facilities, some name "Built into Ezhou professional freight hub airport". Not only should be built, but also use good freight airports.

One night, the country, the world is overnight.