Student mobile phone it is professional, IPRO original "I self-discipline" system

For parents with young children, mobile phones are contradictory. When young students need to learn through mobile phones, mobile phones are like children’s private homes, is a new form of learning, and once the child adds mobile game short video, the mobile phone will become the flood beast in the eyes of the parents, let people love again Hate, parents are eager to find a mobile phone that can be two suit.

In the segment of the student mobile phone, Chinese mobile brand iPro has been very concerned. In the past student mobile phone market, the quality of the product is uneven. Most of the surface is for the student mobile phones to prevent messenger. It is a product that has no normal mobile phone experience, and the surface is streamlined. It is actually a cost, such The mobile phone is unable to meet the teen student groups, and it has lost its meaning as a tool. There are also student phones claiming self-study management systems, and the facts can be easily cracked, so that the anti-addiction is equivalent.

In order to let more young students also have a complete experience, but they will add them in the world of mobile phones. IPRO student mobile phone P100 came into being, IPRO technology combined from hardware and software, creating a exclusive student mobile phone for young people.

The iPro student mobile phone P100 has an exclusive self-developed "I self-discipline" system, which is self-disciplined, preventing the core functions such as adding, application management, smart eye-catching, safety positioning, urgent assistance. Parents can manage students mobile phones on their mobile phones (through i self-discipline app), let the children play mobile phones in the right time to help him develop a good habit of using the phone correctly.

For example, in the application management function, parents can agree with the child, and can use the application of the student’s mobile phone as free, limited time to use or permanent restrictions, such as the settings of other apps in the online class, after doing the job It is a certain mobile phone entertainment time, etc. Through benign communication, real-time management student mobile phone application app.

In addition, parents can also use iPro students to help children open eye protection mode, let him rest, protect vision. The GPS of the student can also see the real-time positioning of the child. In the case of an emergency, the child can contact the parents through the first time, can be said to be very intimate.

In terms of hardware, iPro student mobile phone P100 is equipped with Blu-ray 6.21-inch amoled eye-catching full HD, 7nm process, 8GB LPDDR4 running memory and 128GB flash, support TF extensions, up to 128GB, Support 5G to meet the online learning and network needs of students, and large-capacity storage space can make children store more learning materials, which can meet the normal entertainment needs of children, and can provide children’s 2-3 years using cycle.

The mobile phone is based on the product. It is a product for people. We should not take a knife for the problem of adding mobile phones. The iPro student mobile phone P100 let us see: the problem brought by the mobile phone, we can also solve it through the mobile phone, let the mobile phone itself return He should have fun over, you have a good fever, do your child’s best entertainment companion and learning companion, so that parents are more peace of mind.